How to choose vitamins for eyes with myopia

How to choose vitamins for eyes with myopia

In pharmacies, you can find many different vitamins for the eyes, but to choose vitamins for the eyes with myopia correctly, before buying, you need to know what substances are part of the drug, and choose from them the most suitable option that best matches this disease.

One of the main components in the composition of almost all vitamins of this type are plant extracts useful for the eye – it can be blueberry, black currant, parsley or carrots.

As for the differences between drugs manufactured by different manufacturers, they are usually related to the presence of certain vitamins and their concentration.

First of all, with myopia it is necessary to strengthen the blood vessels. To choose vitamins for eyes at short-sightedness it is necessary those in a complex which includes calcium, vitamin C, beta-carotene (it can be replaced by luteenium) and zinc.

So, calcium is necessary for myopia, as it strengthens the connective tissues of the eyes. Ascorbic acid is useful in this disease in that it strengthens the walls of the eye blood vessels, and this in turn helps improve blood flow to the eyes and reduce stress on the eye muscles. In turn, beta-carotene, which is transformed into the body in vitamin A, is necessary for the production of visual pigments.

In addition, with myopia, as with other eye diseases, B vitamins are also useful, which have a positive effect on nerve cells, through which nerve impulses are transmitted from the retina to the cerebral cortex.

Even if myopia progresses – it does not mean that vitamins for the eyes need to be consumed constantly. According to many experts, the best option is taking a vitamin for three months with a subsequent one-month break.

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