How to clean ugg boots

How to clean ugg boots

      Before you clean the ugg boots, they should be dried properly. After that, the boots should be treated with a stiff clothes brush to remove the dry dirt. The remaining stains can be cleaned with a special sponge for suede and nubuck. It is suitable for the material from which make ugg boots.

If on the shoes there are white stains from the salt, then it is necessary to treat them with a usual damp cloth. In order for the divorce to disappear completely, you will have to repeat the procedure several times. It is desirable for each approach to take a new clean rag. If, after such treatment, you notice that the stains are still there, try applying a small amount of soap or dish detergent to the stain. Do not forget to wash the foam thoroughly with water, otherwise the ugg boots may lose their appearance.

If there are heavy dirt on the boots or after removing the stains with a damp cloth and detergent there is a noticeable boundary, then you will have to clean the ugg boots completely. To do this, mix a small amount of the usual washing powder with water so that a thick gruel will turn out. Apply it to the brush and thoroughly wipe the shoes thoroughly. If the ugg boots are decorated with appliqués, then properly treat all the seams and joints of the fabrics.

After that, wipe the shoes with a damp cloth and clean again with a powder. Then, several times, treat the ugg boots with a damp cloth to completely wash off the powder. Do not try to just wash the ugg boots in the machine, their sole can come off.

After drying, treat the ugg boots with a nubuck brush. In order to keep the boots longer and look clean, regularly use a suede sponge and apply a special spray to the shoes, which repels moisture and dirt. You can buy these funds at any household or shoe store.

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