How to combine fragrance and clothes

How to combine fragrance and clothes

From the experience of many experts in the perfume world follows, one hundred unpredictable and branded styles are combined best with fresh and fruity flavors. And people who wear light clothes of light colors prefer floral smells. And what about women who prefer leather, velvet and satin? They like oriental aromas.

A well-known in the field of perfumery, the corporation Riviera Concepts Inc, conducted a survey. According to its results, a number of studies were conducted, on the basis of which the production began to be manufactured, which is based on preferences in form, color and texture. However, clothes do not always combine these three qualities.

Results of the poll of experts interested, but not particularly surprised. After all, scientists back in 1995 noticed that olfactory and visual signals enter the brain, influencing its activity. If you combine them correctly, you can become a winner in the eternal struggle for perfection.

So, your style is sexy. It corresponds to the oriental flavor. You prefer things made of leather, metal tops, tight dresses, high-heeled shoes and handbags that catch your eye.

Your scents: seductive smells, containing spices like cardamom and pepper, as well as floral fragrances (Egyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, musk and vanilla).

Try such perfumes as Avon Extraordinary, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Chanel Allure Sensuelle, Donna Karan Wenge, Soul by Curve, Valentino”V”.

The floral smell corresponds to the romantic style. You like to wear open-work dresses and skirts, as well as light shoes (for example, sandals).

Your aromas: impressive combinations of peony, gardenia, lotus, orchids, harmonizing with woody notes.

We advise you to try the flavors of American Beauty Wonderland, Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb, Stephen Burlingham Truly, Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise.

And the last style is branded. Your scent is fruity. Clothes: ordinary and at the same time elegant and slightly funny things: lace tops and classic blouses, shoes and ballet flats. As you can see, combine the sea.

Your smells are fruity flavors with gentle notes of lemon, lime, melon, quince, black currant and even honey.

Try GAP Woven Cassis, Adrienne Vittadini Capri, Miss Dior Cherie, Clarins Par Amour, Cacharel Promesse.

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