How to cook aubergines for the winter

How to cook aubergines for the winter

To prepare a saute of eggplants, 4 kg of these vegetables are necessary: ​​1 kg of sweet pepper, onions and tomatoes, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 200 ml of 9-% vinegar, 150 g of sugar and 50 g of salt. Banks in which you plan to make blanks for the winter, as well as lids to them, must certainly be pasteurized. Vegetables before use, and carefully inspect. Without pity cut out the rotten places. Billets from spoiled vegetables will not stand.

Be sure to wash all ingredients (except onions) in running water and dry. When you start cutting, make sure that the knives are sharpened – there is nothing worse than cutting a large number of vegetables with a blunt knife. In a deep saucepan, heat vegetable oil. When white smoke appears, pour in the vinegar, pour in salt and sugar. If desired, you can put sweet pepper and black pepper peas, as well as bay leaf. Once the mixture boils, dip the chopped eggplant. Next turn for the rest of the vegetables: pepper, onions and tomatoes. The interval between bookmarks is 10 minutes.

Be sure to follow the order, because the cooking time for all ingredients is different. In 10 minutes. After the last product is put – tomatoes, turn off the fire and proceed to filling the cans. If you have a family of three or more people, banks with a capacity of 1 liter are best suited. For two, it makes sense to take 0.5 liter and 0.7 liter cans. After filling, cover with lids and gently place on pasteurization.

For her, take a large deep bowl, lace the bottom with a rag, folded in several layers, put the jars and pour warm, but not hot water. Liters should be kept in a water bath at a moderate boil for about 15-20 minutes, smaller in volume – about 10 minutes, then close the lids and turn upside down.

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