How to cure inflammation of the uterus

How to cure inflammation of the uterus

      The causes of the inflammatory process in the womb are poor quality abortions, severe labor, chronic diseases of female genital organs (vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries), the presence of a venereal disease. Symptoms can be painful sensations in the groin area, fever, purulent discharge from the vagina (sometimes with blood particles), weakness.

To strengthen the protective function of the body, it is advisable to take multivitamins, herbal medicinal herbs, lead an active lifestyle, eat right. Due to this, the body is able to independently fight with various viruses, sources of infection.

Treatment of inflammation includes douching, phytotherapy, baths and other procedures. Depending on the type of inflammation (endometritis, vulvitis, salpingitis, andexitis, cystitis, etc.), one or another method of treatment is used. For syringing use decoction of the bark of oak, cuffs, althea root, elm bark. You can use aloe juice or sea-buckthorn oil, which impregnates a cotton swab and inserted into the vagina.

Endometritis is an inflammation of the uterine mucosa, which occurs due to infection during abortion, labor, or other operation on the genitals. To prevent the disease from escalating into a more serious form and leading to negative consequences, it is advisable to conduct a course of taking antiseptic drugs.

With vulvitis, it is necessary to determine the type of microorganism. Antibiotics for topical use are then used. It is necessary to observe a diet: to exclude fatty, salty and spicy dishes and to increase the amount of consumed greenery, fresh vegetables and fruits, fermented milk products.

For the prevention, you need to monitor the intimate hygiene of the genitals, especially during menstruation. This will allow time to destroy the carriers of infection and preserve women`s health.

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