How to cut a husband

How to cut your husband

      Hair cutting with a machine should be carried out on dry hair, so before you cut your husband, you need to wash and dry them. It is very important to prepare a workplace: remove the carpet or floor the oilcloth, prepare all the necessary tools, protect the man`s shoulders with a cloth cloak.

Before starting work, discuss the future hairstyle, if necessary, draw a sketch or find a photo of the desired haircut. After this, it is necessary to conditionally divide the hair on the head into three zones: parietal, temporal and occipital.
Begin the haircut should be from the occipital part of the head the largest comb comb. The machine needs to be driven from the bottom up, first pressing it to the skin, then lifting slightly above the hair.

A large attachment should be made by cutting the parietal part of the head, holding the machine in the direction from front to back and slightly down to the temples. Movements should be smooth, without changing the angle of inclination. The more movements the machine will be made, the more carefully it will be possible to cut her husband.

After cutting the hair on the top and back of the head, change the nozzle to a smaller one and re-cut the lower occipital part and decorate the whiskey. To cut the nape from below, the machine is pressed against the head, a transition to longer hair is made a little higher by increasing the angle between the nozzle and the surface of the head.

When combing your temples, you should comb your hair in different directions. When going to the parietal part, you should also pay attention to the smooth increase in the length of the hair on the top of the head.

The final stage of hair cutting with a machine is the edging of the temples, neck and areas behind the ears. This operation is carried out without attachment. You need to carefully hold the machine on the contour of the haircut from the top down, finally decorating your hair.

If necessary, check the length of the hair over the entire head with sharp scissors. To trim her husband`s most carefully, it is necessary to eliminate all misfits and unevennesses caused by hair cutting with thinning scissors.

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