How to determine the fortitude of spirits

How to determine the fortitude of spirits

      Persistence of spirits is determined in a fairly simple way. 0.5 ml of perfume place in a porcelain cup and dip a small piece (5×10 cm) of bleached gauze into it. Do not squeeze a piece of gauze, dry at room temperature. The smell stability is determined in an organoleptic manner.

When buying perfume in a store, this method is not entirely acceptable. Therefore, look at the bottle, which describes the amount of essential oils contained in perfumes. The most persistent spirits are those that contain 22 percent of essential oils. These perfumes are quite expensive and can not be compared with perfume or toilet water. They have the lowest content of essential oils, so their fragrance will last only a few hours. These persistent perfumes should stay on the skin for 10-12 hours, and on clothes – a few days.

Experts advise you not to bring a probe too close to your nose during the selection of perfume. According to the norms, you should quickly inhale the smell of perfume, which are located 10-15 cm from the nose. If you feel light, unobtrusive notes, the perfume is quality and will be able to delight you with its fragrance for a long time.

Of great importance is the correct storage of perfume. A bottle with a favorite aroma should be kept away from sunlight and must be tightly packed. This is due to the fact that when light hits and foreign inclusions, spirits deteriorate, and their smell changes.

It is worth noting that the duration of the sound of the fragrance is influenced by skin features and working conditions. Specificity of oily skin is such that it is able to keep the flavor less time. If you work in a large enterprise, then there is a possibility that the perfume will interact with other smells.

Every woman wants to choose for herself a strong and unique aroma that can emphasize her elegance, charm, personality. Using the above tips, you can choose the persistent perfume that is right for you.

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