How to determine the fullness of the foot

How to determine the fullness of the leg

      It is especially convenient to know all of your parameters when shopping for wardrobe items or shoes through the Internet. After all, in this case, to measure and to refuse an improper purchase will be much more difficult than when choosing the same things off-line.

One way to measure a leg is one that the masters of shoe cases use. Take a tailor`s centimeter or a flexible millimeter tape. Wrap it around the toe of the foot at the widest point – as a rule, it is in the toe-and-toe part of the foot. After that the received result is checked with the approved and defined tables of GOST. But this option is not suitable for everyone.

Alternatively, you can use a rather simple formula: W=0,25 B – 0,15 C – A. Here W is the size that you actually try to determine, B is the leg girth in the bunches (measured in millimeters), C is the length of the foot (also in mm), and A is the constant coefficient prescribed in the table, compiled specifically for calculations. According to it, the coefficient is 20 for pigs, in the nursery and small children category it is 16.5, the school footwear is determined by the coefficient of 13.5. Shoes for boys take a coefficient of 16.2 for calculation, for girls – 16. Women`s and men`s vary by only one: 16 and 17, respectively. Now, having measured all the parameters, you can easily calculate the fullness of your foot.

It is quite easy to read the girth in bundles. To do this, measure the foot in a circle around the widest points of the toe piece. All measurements are also made using a centimeter or millimeter tape.

You can also use the help of professionals for measurements. So, for example, in many shops there are devices for similar experiments.

You can carefully look at the shoes that you wear all the time. Especially if it`s a well-known brand. Measure the volume of the shoe itself and read the manufacturer`s standards. Each self-respecting fashion designer initially determines for which legs he creates his model.

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