How to determine the state of immunity

How to determine the state of immunity

      Signs that your immunity does not cope with its task are frequent infectious diseases (more than 10 per year), rapid fatigue, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness at night and daytime drowsiness, allergies, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. An urgent visit to an immunologist is required for people who have relapses of herpes, furunculosis or candidiasis more than four times a year, and chronic diseases are often exacerbated.

There is a fairly simple sample showing the state of the body`s defenses. And although it is less informative for adults, it can be done independently. It is called a test for dermographism. Take a spoon and draw it in a cut on the skin of the belly 2-3 lines. If the strips turn pink – this is a good sign. Strips have become white – the defenses of the body are reduced.

To determine the exact state of immunity, you need a visit to the immunologist. To begin with, he will collect anamnesis and find out what caused the immune deficiency. Protective systems of the human body are very sensitive to adverse environmental influences, which include ecology, irrational nutrition, stress, trauma, hypothermia, harmful occupational factors, etc.

Then the doctor will appoint two laboratory tests – a blood test and an immunogram. The first test will show if you have enough blood cells, the second will determine the immune status, i.e. the state of your immunity for a given period. Then the immunologist will check your indicators with the normative and identify the problem areas. A mismatch rate of 30 or more percent is evidence of a malfunction in the immune system. Having learned, immunoglobulins of what class your organism produces insufficiently, the doctor will appoint immunocorrectors.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is necessary to find out the state of the liver. It is her diseases that are most often the cause of a decrease in immunity in adults. The liver produces proteins from which antibodies are formed, and if it is sick, this function is disrupted. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the diet. If you do not eat protein foods – amino acids for immunoglobulins is not enough.

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