How to distinguish the skin from leatherette

How to distinguish the skin from leatherette

      It is known that leatherette is less durable than things made of genuine leather. Paying a lot of money, the buyer wants to get at his disposal really high-quality thing, made of natural material. Let`s try to find out on the common methods how to distinguish the natural skin from a fake.

If the article is really made of genuine leather, then it should have a sign of leather (or a hanging tag) – an emblem that repeats the outlines of the removed skins.

As a rule, in things made of genuine leather all the slices and stitches are carefully hidden inside. If you notice a sticking thread or a fabric backing (a leatherette often has a textile base), then you definitely do not have real leather.

Another way to identify a fake is to drop a drop of water on the skin. The real skin absorbs moisture and slightly darkens, but if you have leatherette in front of you, the water will roll down and the surface will remain dry.

The skin does not respond to fire. If you bring a burning match to her, it will remain the same. As for leatherette, it melts at the slightest contact with fire. But it is unlikely that the sellers will allow you to use this method of verification.

Another simple means is to hold the product in your hands: the skin will quickly heat up and hold heat for a while, but the leatherette will remain cold. Leather products, as a rule, feel very soft and elastic to the touch.

Smell the thing you offer. Real leather has a pleasant light fragrance. Unfortunately, in recent years, even the smell of genuine leather has been counterfeited. Modern artificial materials, which include leather crumbs, have the smell of natural skins. So this method is not relevant and will not be able to prove that in your hands is not a fake.

Try to buy leather products in proven and well-proven stores. Also, do not forget that reliable companies take care of both the quality of their products and the beauty of packaging their goods.

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