How to do photodesign on nails

How to make a photodesign on nails

      Photo design is, in fact, a nail decoration with a small sticker with a ready translucent image that you can put on your fingernails yourself or in the salon. The sticker itself is very fragile, so it is initially attached to waxed paper. You can buy ready-made images in many cosmetics stores. Their choice is also wide in online stores. But you can also apply the required application to the photo printer in the salon that provides photo design services. Images can be placed on both the entire nail plate and the free tip of the nail.

Whichever way you decide to decorate your nails, in any case, you should start with their preparation. If you build up your nails, then apply a base layer of gel. Dry it and apply a background – white or colored. On the natural color of the nail the sticker will look faded. You can also use a white gel with sparkles or silvery sand, which will give an interesting, brilliant effect to the image on the nails. After the base has dried, you should degrease the place where the application will be located.

Next, take a sticker and cut out the shape you need according to the size of the nail. Note that the sticker should be a millimeter or one and a half less than the nail plate itself. This is necessary for better attachment to the nail. You may also have to make several microscopic incisions so that your sticker fits perfectly into your slightly bulging nail and does not fray. Cut out the cut piece carefully from the paper base with a needle or scissors, pick up with tweezers and transfer to the nail.

On top, the sticker is covered with either a thin layer of gel, or a clear varnish, and then with a fixer layer. If you increase the nail, then after drying the gel under the lamp, you can apply another layer of gel and zadekorirovat edges of the picture, so they become invisible. This can be done with glitter or foil.

The photo design executed on natural nails and covered with a colorless varnish, as a rule, well keeps within two-three days. It is convenient to do it for some solemn occasion. And if you use it when building up acrylic or gel, the beautiful pattern will last almost a month, until the nail plate grows back, when you need to already carry out the correction of the coating.

The entire procedure for photographic design on nails takes not much time, and the result exceeds all expectations. First, all the figures are the same and clear. On them you will not see any flaws or defects. In addition, if you wish, you can order any image on your fingernails, because the flight of your imagination is unlimited.

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