How to do shoulder massage

How to do shoulder massage

      Shoulder massage can have a large number of indications for holding. For example, it can be physical fatigue after high loads, recovery from injuries of bones and muscles, certain vascular diseases. Shoulder massage is also very important because the shoulder area is in close relationship with the blood supply of the hands.

There are certain rules that must be adhered to when carrying out any massage, including the shoulders. First of all, it is necessary to alternate strong techniques and weak ones, each of them can be conducted no more than 8 times. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that when performing strong receptions, the patient does not experience sharp pain. All the techniques should be performed near the lymph nodes – along the lymphatic pathways (they can not be massaged by the nodes themselves). In the case of the shoulder, the direction should be from the elbow to the armpit.

As for the position of the patient, it largely depends on whether a partial massage of this area is carried out or complete. So, for example, if the masseur and the patient are standing face to face, then the best option is if the patient`s hand is wound behind his back. If massage is performed from behind – the patient needs to put his hand on the shoulder of the other hand, and if there is a need to massage the lower part – it will be more convenient if the patient`s arm is placed on the shoulder of the person who will perform the manipulations.

This procedure is performed on the relaxed muscles of the shoulder. If you massage only one part of it – you must first perform a full-body massage. If the shoulder massage is complete, the whole shoulder girdle should be kneaded, not touching only the area of ​​the inner cavity of the biceps muscle.

When massaging the area of ​​the shoulder and forearm, it is necessary to observe this sequence: first stroking, then squeezing and kneading (it must be done separately for the biceps and triceps muscles), then the muscles need to be rubbed and the session finished with strokes. It is important to remember that when performing kneading exercises, you can only use phalanges or finger pads.

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