How to draw a flower on nails

How to draw a flower on nails

      Treat your nails before you start painting – a bright manicure will draw attention to your hands, which should be flawless. Make a nutritious tray, brush your hands with cream, then remove the cuticle and degrease the nail plates.

Choose the background color of the varnish – it can be any matte varnish, which will act as a base for your flower. Cover your nails and wait until the varnish dries. If you draw well, you can create a drawing with a regular beveled brush – type a little paint or varnish of a different color, draw petals. If you do not really draw with drawing, then use a toothpick or a needle – put a few drops on the surface of the nail, placing them in an imaginary circle. Then with a thin toothpick, connect all the droplets, stretching them and forming a flower. Take a varnish of a different color and draw a twig – the stem of the flower. On the side of it, make a branch – a leaf. Dial a thin brush or needle yellow or golden lacquer, drip into the center of the flower. You can replace the core with a rhinestone or a piece of foil – fasten the decorations directly to the non-dried lacquer. When you master the creation of a flower using a varnish of the same color, then add other shades – type two tones on the brush and paint the petals. The flower will turn out to be unusual and original.

Another way to blend shades, which allows you to create a contour of flowers – apply a pattern to a non-dried base lacquer. Apply a background coating on the nails and immediately mark the points on the nail plate with a different color. Draw the petals of the flower so that the background lacquer forms a contour that appears through the color of the other varnish.

A large flower is easier to draw, but the element itself must be executed flawlessly. Cover the nails with base lacquer and when it dries, draw out the contours of the flower on the nail surface. You can draw a sketch with a usual gel pen or a thin brush with a varnish. Take a toothpick or a needle and fill the outline of the flower with colored paints in accordance with the sketch.

The final stage of any pattern on the nails is to cover the surface of the nail with a clear varnish to fix the manicure.

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