How to draw acrylic paints on nails

How to draw acrylic paints on nails


Many girls put on their nails drawing with varnishes and polishes, but most often use acrylic paints. They are much cheaper, but the result is just as good. Drawing techniques can be learned both in a specialized salon, and independently, with the help of literature and electronic sources.

In order to draw with acrylic paints on nails, it is advisable to follow the following steps:

Buy a special set of tools, which includes several brushes, different in size and thickness.


Before painting with acrylic paints on nails, they need to be covered with a base coat, which is a clear or colored matte varnish.


Then you need to dip the brush in the paint, and the paint should not be a little or much, it should be enough to apply a uniform pattern.


Those who do not have a certain drawing experience need not start with a complex drawing, creating it will be very difficult. It is also not worth using when drawing a lot of colors, as they will clog the nail, and it will not look very nice.


Draw the pattern gradually, first the contour – with the thinnest brush, and then fill it with a color. If you use several colors, you need to wait for the paint to dry out, which was applied first.


When applying the paint, you need to ensure that the hand does not shake. You can use different application options, for example, to change the angle of the brush and the force of pressing on the brush.


If the picture is to be applied to itself, then you need to take into account that it is not very convenient to draw on the right hand of the left, and for the left-hander on the contrary. After application, it is necessary to wait for complete drying, and, if necessary, apply a fixing base. Do not be gently afraid to experiment and then everything will turn out.

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