How to draw beautiful eyebrows

How to draw beautiful eyebrows

      In order to properly draw eyebrows and give them the right shape, you will need a sharpened pencil, shadows and mascara, tweezers, a brush, a gel or eyebrow oil

If the eyebrows are thick, they often look sloppy. To give them an ideal shape, you will have to thin the hairs. To do this, use the sharp pencil to indicate the desired contour and remove the bristles that extend beyond it. They should be tapped only one by one, from the bottom up.

Narrow eyebrows require additional drawing. To do this, they need to comb against the growth of hair, a thin pencil draw some strokes in the most rare places. Then comb in the direction of growth.

Very dark eyebrows need clarification with golden shadows and pencil in a tone paler than natural color. The technology of drawing is the same: the hairs are combed”against the coat”, strokes are applied. Then with the help of shadows and a thin brush they are given the right shade.

Light eyebrows are treated in the same way as dark ones, only with brown, beige or red color cosmetics. At the end of the stain, you can apply a little carcass of the same color. To the eyebrows are not formed lumps, you must first brush several times to walk on a napkin to remove its excess.

Very short eyebrows dorisovyvayutsya pencil. To make the line invisible, it should be applied 1 cm from the end.

“Dumb” eyebrows before drawing require more careful care. If the removal of protruding hairs does not give attractiveness, then you will need to use gel, and in case of its absence – with hair spray. They are stained the same way as in other cases, but after that they are smoothed with gel.

The rules of eyebrow care

It is important to follow some rules that help the eyebrows to acquire a well-groomed and healthy appearance:
Daily in the morning and in the evening moisten them with a specialized nutrient. Those who have very thin eyebrows need to do this several times a day. The gel can be replaced with conventional castor oil.
2. Do not apply excessive amounts of paint. This, first, looks vulgar, and, secondly, thins the hairs.
3. Make sure to take off your makeup at night.
4. Cardinal change in color and shape is better done in the salon.

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