How to draw pictures on short nails

How to make drawings on short nails

A classic and suitable for everyone is a French manicure. Just try to ensure that the smile line is not straight, but curved to the very corners of the nail. Draw it as neatly as possible, since any roughness can ruin your manicure. On wide nails french it is better to do a thin strip or completely abandon it.

Do not overload the nail pattern on the entire surface. The huge poppies seen in the magazine will be beautiful only on long nails, but three small flowers located in the lower right corner of the nail or rim instead of a jacket are quite appropriate. Start painting with a fine brush or dot.

For the background, do not choose yellow, light brown, beige shades – they will only extend the nail. Refuse and from mother-of-pearl varnishes. Bright red is also best left on the shelf of the store. Choose either dark colors – cherry, dark brown, or natural. Apply the varnish along the nail, leaving on the edges of small unpainted strips – so you can visually extend it.

Do not use horizontal stripes in the drawing – they will visually shorten and widen your marigolds even more. But longitudinal in any variations will serve you a good service, whether it`s a rainbow of flowers or just a vertical pattern.

To apply a pattern, choose brushes with a thinner pile. So your ornament will look more beautiful and it will turn out more accurate. And what will it be – curls, waves, dots or flowers, you decide. If you decide on waves, draw them diagonally, decorating the different sides with dots or curls. Rhinestones are best not to use, especially large ones, since they will occupy the whole area of ​​the nail and will look unaesthetic. Look on the Internet for a suitable pattern for you, try to paint it on paper and then transfer it to the nails.

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