How to dress in 50 years old woman

How to dress in a 50-year-old woman

      It is necessary to focus on the classic style of clothing. It is always fashionable and in demand. The main part of the wardrobe should consist of several things. They can be combined, worn on various occasions and always look elegant.

It is recommended to have basic models that can always be worn in different versions. Wide trousers, knitted skirts, dresses, suits with a modest pattern, elegant mantle – these are the mandatory things for a woman`s wardrobe in 50 years. For festive evening dresses, beautiful elegant details will fit, a contrasting combination of black and light colors, elegant accessories.

It`s better to stick with the choice of the classical color scheme and only make some details bright. Dresses and costumes are selected in muted tones. It can be brown, dark blue, black. The model should be selected with the presence of complex details and an interesting cut. To strict dress does not seem boring, you can add decorations, beads, brooch or elegant slender belt.

The length of dresses and skirts should reach the knee or slightly lower. A straight skirt can always serve as the basis for a variety of elegant outfits. Combining it with different blouses, you can have several variants of the image at once. For example, you can choose a strict classic blouse for everyday attire, but with complex details, a scarf, folds in front – for a festive.

Outer clothing should also be discreet and strict in form, for example, jackets and coats of straight cut, decorated in moderation. Very suitable for women in 50 years of a cashmere coat. All clothing should have a noble, impeccable appearance and create an appropriate image for a woman. You should focus on more expensive fabrics, give preference to jewelry made of gold or expensive jewelry. With the help of a properly selected wardrobe, the woman will look elegant and young.

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