How to drink carrot juice for sunburn

How to drink carrot juice for sunburn

A rare girl does not want to look seductive, attracting her gaze to her skin covered with perfect tan. To become a”chocolate”, women of fashion spend under the scorching sun almost all day, without thinking about the consequences. It has long been no secret that the abuse of sun tan can lead to serious diseases, up to oncological. Therefore, more often people turn to harmless cosmetic means for sunburn.

Get an artificial tan using normal carrots. Maybe someone will be surprised, but with the help of this root, you can really achieve a golden hue of the skin. Make a face tanned help mask with grated carrots. You can not keep it too long, because instead of the desired tan you risk getting an orange complexion. Owners of very pale skin is not desirable to experiment with such a mask, the color can get quite different from tanning.

Carrot juice can be used for grinding. To do this, mix 4 tablespoons fresh juice with 2 tablespoons of glycerin and wipe your face and body in the morning and evening. This solution will give the skin not only a wonderful moisturizing, but also an even matte shade.

Carrots contain beta-carotene, which for a long time helps to keep the skin tanned. Before going to the beach, drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, and you will get a more even and intense tan. Yes, and tanned you much faster.

Very fresh carrot juice with cream, with which vitamin A is more easily absorbed by the body, is very effective. Carrot juice can be alternated with a decoction of St. John`s wort. This unique medicinal herb, as well as carrots, will help preserve the tan.

Carrots have long been used successfully to combat many diseases. Applying carrot juice to purchase a tan, you yourself will not notice how your body will improve.

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