How to drink water properly

How to drink water properly

People with a normal weight for correct metabolism in the body during the day should drink 1 liter of water for every 30 kg of body weight. A lack of liquid or its excess can cause both dehydration and poisoning. To determine exactly how much water you need to drink during the day, you just need to trust your own body: you need to drink when you want.

Water has the property of removing unnecessary decay products from the body. If the moisture inside is too small, it detains harmful toxins.

If a person is swollen, you should not reduce the amount of water you drink, but the volume of sharp and salty foods that block the excretion of liquid.

It is believed that water, while soaking in the process of eating, slows down digestion. In fact,”drinking” food is not so scary. In this matter, the temperature of the liquid being drunk plays an important role. Very cold and very hot water provoke too rapid removal of the eaten from the stomach. The feeling of satiety does not have time to arise, the body again feels hungry. Water, which is drunk after eating, stretches the walls of the stomach. Therefore in the future the feeling of satiety comes from eating more food. Experts recommend drinking liquid at least an hour before or after eating.

It is recommended to drink a glass of water in the morning to start the work of all the body systems and wake up faster. People with problems of excretory system from water drunk at night may experience swelling.

During the day, you should drink in small portions. The most optimal scheme of water consumption can be this: in the morning – one glass, a cup of tea after breakfast, a glass of juice or mineral water before lunch. After dinner, a whole tea ceremony will be appropriate.

In the hot season, you should always have a bottle of water with you and take a sip as soon as you have a desire to drink. Then the excretory system will work effectively.

During training or other physical activities, water is needed to excrete metabolic products. Loads on the body provoke a thickening of the blood, complicate the work of the heart and reduce the pressure. As a result, a person quickly becomes tired, and his brain receives less oxygen, and even clots can form. With intensive exercise, you need to drink 150 ml of liquid every 15 minutes.

The golden rule of drinking water is to listen to the needs of the body.

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