How to eat properly in diseases of the gallbladder

How to eat properly for gallbladder disease

      To help your gallbladder function properly, you should revise the menu and give up some of your favorite foods.

First of all, it is necessary to exclude from the diet foods rich in animal fats and cholesterol. Useful in this situation, only fish oil. Vegetable oils, seeds and nuts, too, it makes sense to leave.

Then you need to limit the sweets. They usually contain simple carbohydrates, which contribute to a sharp rise in blood sugar. As a result, the liver begins to actively produce cholesterol. Cholesterol, in turn, strengthens the formation of stones from bile. For incorrigible slaven there is a way out. In a small amount, the use of marshmallows, pastilles, marmalade and dried fruits, including dried apricots and dates, is allowed. Sweet fresh fruit will also suit.

The inclusion of vegetable fiber in the diet significantly reduces the risk of gall stones in the gall bladder. Thanks to her food quickly passes into the intestines and reduces the production of secondary bile acids.

Fiber is found in berries, vegetables, beans, greens, nuts, whole grains (buckwheat, brown and wild rice, oats, barley), fresh and dried fruits.

Before each meal, you should eat 100-150 grams of raw vegetables or fruits. It can be a large carrot, a pear or an apple.

In the evening, it is possible to steal whole-wheat cereals, described above, with salt or spices to the thermos to get hot porridge for breakfast.

By the way, about breakfast. It is simply necessary for problems with the gallbladder. Let it be drinking yogurt, drunk on the way to work. The main thing is to start the mechanism of bile secretion. After all, the gallbladder is filled overnight.

Take food 5 times a day, in small portions. During food, bile is secreted. The more frequent absorption of food, the less risk of stagnation in the gallbladder, and hence, the formation of stones.

If you have to spend all day on the road, you should think about food in advance. It is better to have in stock products or a plan, where to eat, than to cause stagnant phenomena in the gallbladder.

So, in order to avoid cholelithiasis, one should adhere to a fractional diet, low in animal fats, eat more fiber and eat less sweet.

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