How to fasten the belt for a stocking

How to fasten the belt for stockings

      In general, the belt is now a thing of the past. After all, most stockings today are equipped with a silicone strip, which allows you to keep them on your leg. However, on sale still there are thin stockings which on a leg without a belt will not fix, therefore to be able to use a belt it is necessary. There is another trick – it is ideal when using a stocking with a silicone insert, but only when the stockings are put on by a lady with magnificent shapes. A glutinous base can squeeze a leg, and under the clothes will appear ugly folds. If the stockings are attached in the area of ​​the inserts, rubber bands on the waist, they will lie flat and smooth on the leg.

Select the appropriate belt. It can be satin, lace, mesh, etc. Belts have a different number of supports – from 4 to 12. It is better to choose the one where there are more. Mounting will be more reliable.

In the case of a belt for stockings, there is one rule – first you put on stockings and a belt, and only then the trunks. This is due to the fact that if you want to go to the toilet, and the scheme of putting on is broken, then you will have small problems. After all, first you have to take off the belt, and then everything else, after all again have to be fastened again.

The belt should fit you in size, sit tight on the waist, but do not squeeze. The scheme of fastening the stocking to it is quite simple. Slightly pull down the buckle, pull up the stocking on the other side and clasp the buckle. By the same scheme, fasten all pristezhki. in case you decide to attach stockings with a silicone insert to your belt, you need to carefully pull the material between the adhesive strips and attach the belt to it. Through the silicone itself will not work, because it is too thick.

Check the adjustment of your fasteners. They should all be exposed on the same level. Otherwise, the stocking will be ugly to crack and sometimes move out.

Stockings are beautiful. No wonder they were dedicated to poetry and paintings. And if they are properly worn with a belt, high male attention will be riveted at your feet.

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