How to fasten your stockings to your belt

How to buckle your stockings to your belt

      There are two types of ladies stockings – on silicone and”under the belt.” The first type of stocking is kept on the foot thanks to a strip of silicone, passing along the wrong side of the bead. The second option requires the mandatory presence of a belt for stockings. However, the belt can be used in both cases.

Assemble the stocking from the board (a compacted area covering the leg above the knee) to the toe. Then pull the toe on the toes, spread all over the foot and slowly pull on the leg. Do not forget to make sure that the seam (if any) remains on the inside. Pulling the stocking on his leg, spread it so that the picture does not twist and spread over the leg, as intended.

Note the straps that extend from the waistband, 2-3 on both sides. At the end of each of them there is a special clamp consisting of two elements: the inner rubber flap and the outer double hinge. Remove the rubber flap from the hinge and place it under the side of the stocking. On the protruding part of the rubber flap (already covered with stocking), put on the outer loop with a wider part. Then pull the ledge of the leaf (covered with stocking) into the narrower area of ​​the outer loop. After the stocking is firmly secured, adjust the tension of the straps. Keep in mind that they should not impede your movements.

Once you try to fasten your stockings to your belt, you will understand how laborious this process is, especially when it comes to the rear straps. Therefore, some women prefer to first put the stockings on their belts and only then put on the ready-made design.

The belt for stockings can be worn both on top of panties, and under them. The first option is more aesthetic, but less functional.

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