How to find out your metabolism

How to find out your metabolism

      There are several options for calculating the metabolism and energy consumption per day. However, it must be remembered that all calculations do not give an accurate result, since they do not take into account the specific features of the organism of a particular person: genetics, hormones, behavior, way of life. Metabolism is determined by taking into account two factors: metabolic rate and level of physical activity.

The simplest method is to determine the energy consumption. First, calculate the basal metabolism using the formula: coefficient 1 (for men) or 0.9 (for women) x body weight in kilograms x 24 hours. After this, determine food thermogenesis: 10% of total metabolism. The costs for physical activity are calculated by means of special energy expenditure tables for a certain type of activity. The metabolism will be expressed as the sum of the basic metabolism, food thermogenesis and expenditure on physical activity.

The exact method of determining the metabolism is to go to a specialized laboratory where specialists determine an individual metabolic map. An approximate result of the calculations can be obtained from the formula: 655 + growth (in centimeters) x 1.8 + weight (kg) x 9.6 – number of complete years x 4.7.

Another way to calculate metabolism is to determine the basal metabolic rate. It is calculated by the formula: the weight in kilograms is multiplied by 24 hours. As a result, we get the minimum energy value in calories that your body needs for normal operation. And if you take into account the level of physical activity, then for the sedentary lifestyle, the indicator is multiplied by 1.3. If every day a person has a greater physical load, then the basic level of metabolism is multiplied by 1.4. This will be a quantitative daily energy figure in calories that your body needs. A more reliable result is obtained only in laboratory studies.

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