How to fix the paint on your jeans

How to fix the paint on the jeans

      After buying jeans you need to wash in salted water with the addition of a small amount of vinegar. Many products, especially those of dark color, are processed by the double coloring method and can stain the body or underwear with your dye during the process of wearing it.

Visit the manufacturer`s website. Many well-known manufacturers indicate methods of caring for their products on their own Internet resource. Also all information is indicated on the trade label or special sticker.

Jeans in water are best not to soak, especially if they contain metal parts. If you still need to wash your product in this way, then leave clothes in warm water for no more than an hour. In a soapy solution or powder, add a small amount of salt or vinegar to prevent subsequent moulting. When drying, always hang the product, never leave it crumpled.

Wash jeans best by hand, using laundry soap and a soft brush. Do not use detergent powder – it strongly discolours the fabric, especially with frequent washes. Strongly do not rub the stains, otherwise you can just wipe the paint off. Soap the brush with soap and light movements to clean the dirt.

In automatic washing machines, use the regular washing program. Before the procedure, zip the product and turn it inside out. Wash at a temperature of +40 degrees. If you turn on the temperature more, then jeans pour.

During the last rinse, dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water and pour the resulting solution into cool water. Thoroughly rinse the jeans to fix the paint. Carry out this procedure after each wash and you save the color of your clothes.

If you want to paint your jeans, then use an aniline dye or acrylic paints to get a non-uniform color and shade. Wash clothing before self-painting. If you start painting a dirty product, the paint will quickly erase.

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