How to get out of the nose

How to get out of the drops in the nose

      If you buried your nose for a long time and can not live a single day without vasoconstrictors, then you developed a medical rhinitis. This means that no matter how much you bury your nose, it will still be pawned, therefore, you need to abandon the pernicious drug dependence as soon as possible. The first days of breathing will be difficult, since the nasal mucosa has chronic edema. To maximally ease the process of weaning, discard drops early in the morning.

After you have refused the vasoconstrictive drops, do not go to bed. You will have to revitalize the mucous membranes all day. Prepare freshly squeezed aloe juice, carrot juice, onion juice in different containers. Add to each composition a drop of honey. During the day, bury your nose with juices. Each hour alternate the juice of aloe with carrot juice. Squeezed onions you will drip in extreme cases, when you feel that you can not tolerate the stuffiness of the nose and will think about stopping the event. Bow for a while will restore your breathing, making you sneeze.

Instead of freshly squeezed juices, you can use a solution of sea salt. To make it, dissolve 1 tablespoon of natural salt without additives in 1 liter of water, rinse your nose with a child`s enema 6 times a day.

As medicines, you can use chemist`s moisturizing sprays for the nose. They do not contain vasoconstrictor substances, but they manage remarkably well with edema due to moistening and softening of the nasal mucosa.

Before going to bed steam your feet and hands in hot water with mustard. Nose warm up with a blue lamp or place the heated salt in a cotton bag, wrap it in a woolen cloth and put on the nose for 30 minutes.

If you can sleep without drops in your nose one night, then the next one will be much easier. The complete cancellation lasts for one month, but the most difficult period is the first day.

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