How to get rid of a birthmark at home

How to get rid of a birthmark at home


How to get rid of a birthmark at home

For the gradual removal of the birthmark are ideal for rubbing various oils and ointments. For example, if you mix flaxseed oil and add a spoonful of honey, you will get a wonderful compress, which can be applied for a few minutes, and then washed off. But not only linseed oil is suitable for such a procedure, castor oil is also an excellent option. They need to rub your birthmark two or three times a day. A remedy that best brightens moles is pineapple juice. To get the effect, just wipe it several times a day.


Bananas are effective when removing moles

Also, your products such as potatoes, spinach, nutmeg, apple cider vinegar, avocado, grapefruit, tomatoes, lime and bananas will be your helpers in breeding the birthmark. Do not be amiss to and use of onion juice, but it will have the desired effect only on a small mole.


How to get rid of moles at home

One more compress can be made from vitamin C, produced in tablets. Just crush it and attach it to the mole. Soon there will be clarification, and then complete removal.

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