How to get rid of a burn trace

How to get rid of a burn trace

      You can remove traces of burns with the help of such ointments as Kontraktubeks, Panthenol, Sintomycin, Actovegin, Solkoseril, Mederma. The drawback of this method is that it is very long. Therefore, be patient and smear the burn site regularly for at least two months, otherwise you will not get any effect.

Traditional medicine advises you to use fresh potatoes to treat newly received burns. Aloe vera juice also works well. To heal the juice, cut a few leaves, chop them and wrap them in gauze. Then squeeze the juice into a cup and treat it to the burn site twice a day until the stain disappears. You can also make compresses from bandage, wetting them in juice. To heal the leaves of the plant, cut them in half along and apply a cut to the scar. Fix the sheet with a bandage.

Exfoliating the burn can be done with the help of calcium chloride. This is the basis for the cosmetic procedure called rolling, which is offered in the salon.

If still there is a dark spot on the burn site, then use castor oil. It has a whitening effect. This property also has zest and lemon juice, which you can use to create special masks.

The most modern method of removing scars from burns is laser resurfacing. It is held in beauty salons or clinics. With its help, you can completely remove a scar of any complexity, regardless of when you received it. The minus of this method is quite expensive. But it guarantees getting rid of burn marks on any part of the body.

You can get rid of scars after a burn with the help of beeswax and butter. Take two pieces of butter, one piece of beeswax and mix the mixture in a water bath. In this case, stir constantly until a uniform mass is obtained. Now add the juice of half a lemon, or crushed zest and lubricate the burn place. Wax will soften your skin, oil will nourish the damaged skin, and the lemon bleaches the pigmented spot.

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