How to get rid of a mustache girl at home

How to get rid of a mustache at home


Before starting the procedure for getting rid of the mustache, go to the endocrinologist-he will determine if the growth of the mustache is caused by hormonal disorders. If the violations are identified – you will be prescribed treatment. If you are healthy, but the mustache is still growing – check out several effective ways to remove them.


You can remove the mustache with a depilatory cream – it`s simple, fast and convenient. But a depilatory cream can cause irritation of the sensitive skin over the lip – therefore this method does not fit all and not always.


Less impact on the skin will be if you use wax or sugar hair removal. Apply a sugar mixture or wax on the upper lip, wait, and then sharply remove. After using wax to prevent redness, use a softening cream.


If you do not have a serious mustache, but worry about the individual hairs above the upper lip – tweezers for plucking eyebrows will help you. Just pull out unwanted hairs. This method does not suit the owner of a thick mustache, and in the case of rare hairs it will help you effectively.

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