How to get rid of acne forever

How to get rid of acne forever

First, the appearance of acne and acne is due to an excessive amount in the body of male sex hormones androgens, under the influence of which the sebaceous glands begin to produce an excessive amount of subcutaneous fat. This environment is beneficial for the development of many pathogenic microbes, and their vital activity (as well as the wrong methods of fighting them) and does not allow you to get rid of acne forever.

Secondly, the cause of inflammatory processes on the skin is increased keratinization of the skin. Dead flakes overlap microscopic holes on the surface of the skin and, thus, interfere with the free release of subcutaneous fat to the surface.

Thirdly, the cause of acne is bacterial inflammation of skin areas, due to squeezing out individual acne. Because of this, microbial inflammation begins to spread under the skin, infecting new areas.

To get rid of acne permanently, you should consult a specialist – a physician-therapist, who, thanks to the results of tests and an examination of the body, will help to identify the true causes of acne and acne eruptions in your particular case and prescribe a treatment.

For the treatment of acne, cosmetic products should be used for washing, the action of which is aimed at dissolving the dead skin particles and their soft removal, as hard peels in the treatment of acne are prohibited. Before going to bed after washing with a special remedy, it is necessary to apply a medicinal preparation to the skin, which will be prescribed by a dermatologist in accordance with the peculiarities of your skin.

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