How to get rid of allergic rash

How to get rid of an allergic rash

      Before you start to get rid of the manifestations on the skin, you need to contact a specialist in order to identify the allergen. It is the doctor who prescribes the necessary medicine based on the tests performed. For the treatment use of corticosteroid and antihistamines, as well as all kinds of ointments in order to relieve local inflammation and itching.

Modern preparations for allergic rash are much safer than drugs of the last generation and have much less contraindications.

For the treatment of affected areas of the skin quite often resort to the help of folk methods. For example, you can get rid of allergic rash with the help of a real turn. To do this, take one tablespoon of herbs and fill it with one glass of boiling water. Let it brew and cool. Dampen the gauze in the broth and attach to the place where the rash appeared. The sequence perfectly calms the skin and removes irritation, besides it is an antiseptic. You can use a decoction of the same ingredients, but take it inside for half an hour before eating.

There are a lot of similar recipes, but the main thing to remember is that an allergic reaction can occur on natural components. In this regard, try to use proven means. In case of primary manifestation of allergy, test the drugs on small areas of the skin. And if any negative reaction is absent, it is possible to apply the investigated agents to the entire affected area.

With extreme caution, it is necessary to treat allergic rash on the face, especially with contact dermatitis. The fact is that the skin on the face is much thinner and drier than on other parts of the body, besides, it is more susceptible to drugs, and therefore improper treatment can cause the formation of pigment spots or scars.

Do not forget to take medications that increase immunity, try to pick up a vitamin complex with minerals. Treatment of allergies for a long time, do not wait for the result after the first two or three procedures to make the rash come down, you need complex and systemic treatment.

Unfortunately, despite the abundance of antihistamine and corticosteroid drugs, there is no way to get rid of allergens intolerance. That is why it is very important to identify the substance that causes this reaction, and in the future to avoid contact with it.

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