How to get rid of coarse skin on the heels

How to get rid of coarse skin on the heels

      The most important rule is to work only with prepared skin. Do not rub cold dry heels – this will not only not bring any visible result, but can significantly increase the time for subsequent recovery. That`s why, no matter how much you want to get rid of the unsightly hard crust on your legs, be patient and be consistent.

First of all, the heels need to be unzipped. For this, you can pour hot water in a basin, or you can just sit for ten minutes in the bathroom. At this stage, your task is to soften the dead coarser layers of the skin and make them more pliable. But the foot bath can also be combined with relaxing procedures. Pour sea salt into the water and drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Or, if you prefer recipes that were checked by grandmothers, brew chamomile and sage flowers in boiling water and pour into hot water. The relaxing effect of such a procedure will help you to recover after a busy day and will regain strength, and on your feet will have a very strong healing effect.

After the heels are well steamed, you can start the procedures for cleansing from coarse skin. Here you can not do without pumice or a special file for heels. Dry your feet thoroughly and proceed to remove the dead layer. Especially zealous in this matter is not necessary. At first glance, it may seem to you that the coarsened skin goes very deep, but in the efforts to remove as soon as possible, you can damage living tissues. For the same reasons, do not use anything other than pumice or a special file. Do not try to quickly remove a large amount of coarsened skin with a razor blade or a knife.

After you finish the manipulations with abrasive materials, be sure to hold your feet in a warm bath for a while longer. It is advisable to change the water to a clean one and add some tonic to it. After all, you end up relaxing and preparing yourself for new achievements. Excellent suits rosemary, tea tree and any citrus. After the last bath, wipe the legs with a soft towel and treat with a special scrub – this will help to cleanse the skin of dead cells on the entire surface of the legs and polish your heels to the ideal condition.

Well, now the final touch is the application of a nourishing cream. If you now leave your legs as they are, after a few hours all the irregularities and roughness will harden and will be scratched even harder than they did before the beginning of all manipulations. That`s why you need to take care of moisturizing and nutrition in advance. After scrub, thickly spread your steamed and peeled feet with a nutritious cream, put on soft warm socks and rest for a while from the bustle, allowing yourself just to lie in bed at your pleasure.

If you repeat the procedure at least once every two weeks, your heels will always remain soft and smooth, and looking at them will be a pleasure. In addition, baths with herbs or essential oils and foot massage are very beneficial for the body, giving you strength, youth and beauty.

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