How to get rid of divorces on a down jacket

How to get rid of the divorces on the down jacket

      Light spots remain, as a rule, on dark down jackets, washed with powder. And to eliminate this”surprise”, you just need to rinse the thing two or three times, and then send it to the horizontal drying on a terry towel. In the presence of a special dryer, the down jacket can be spread out on it – it will dry up sooner. But in any case, your downy clothes need to turn and shake from time to time. But to dry it in the cold is not recommended, because as a result of freezing – thawing again there will be spots.

Yellow divorces”prefer” down jackets to a lighter color and appear as a result of the fact that during washing, a part of the feathers with which it is filled are knocked together in a”pile-malu” in one place. The process of eliminating such”drawings” is slightly more complicated, and therefore it is necessary to proceed to it while the thing is still damp.

First, wash the stains with a dishwashing detergent (detergent), apply a stain remover and leave the down jacket for a few minutes in peace and quiet. Then, once again, direct it into the laundry, after which, accordingly, rinse several times.

Remember the rule: the thing needs to be dried in a horizontal position and warm.

If the divorce categorically”refuse” to leave the place, then one thing remains for you – in the near future to visit a dry cleaner.

But there is another way out – to wash clothes so that the stains do not appear at all. How to do it? First, use very little powder, and it is better to completely replace it with a special gel for washing down jackets or shampoo.

Secondly, so that feathers do not fall off, wash clothes, accompanied by three or four tennis balls, which will rotate with the drum and whip the down jacket. Then put the machine for two or three additional rinses.

And finally, a few tips for the owners of down jackets. To make clothes last longer and not lose its original appearance after the first wash, do not soak this whimsical thing and do not dip it into hot water (the temperature should not be more than 30 degrees).

In addition, do not use bleach or powder containing bleach and / or dye when washing. It will not be useful for the down jacket and”registration” in the dryer for more than two days, as well as its drying in a place where there is no air circulation (for example, inside a wrapped towel). Nothing but harm will bring your clothes and its storage in a collapsed or compressed form.

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