How to get rid of hair in the bikini area forever

How to get rid of hair in the bikini forever

      For the final hair removal, there are various methods of special epilation. There are three.

Photoepilation – perhaps the most painless of the ways. This is especially true for the bikini line, which is on the skin of thin and sensitive skin. The method is based on light exposure to hair follicles. Therefore, it can be used only if there is a sufficient contrast between the color of the skin and the hair. If the pubic hair is light, then this way of removal can not be applied.

In addition, you need to consider that, perhaps, several sessions of photoepilation for complete hair removal.

The popularity of such a method as laser hair removal is growing. As you can see from the name of the method, hair removal is done with a laser. Its plus is that it takes quite a bit of time – the effect is made on whole skin areas – and can be used for people with any hair color. The painfulness of the procedure depends on the individual pain threshold of the body. In any case, anesthesia can be used in cosmetic rooms at your request, both in the form of cooling creams, and, in extreme cases, in the form of injections.

Nevertheless, electrolysis remains the most effective. In this case, a special apparatus equipped with a needle acts on each hair separately and damages the hair follicle to prevent subsequent hair loss. The disadvantage of the method is its soreness, especially in the bikini zone. This problem is partially solved by special anesthetics and proper preparation of the skin in the salon for epilation.

Also, electroepilation is usually much more expensive than other methods and takes a long time because the effect on each hair individually delays the process.

Even after electro-depilation, after some time, individual hairs may grow. But in most cases for one or two repeated sessions, much less lengthy, you can completely get rid of them.

The method of hair removal, which is right for you, will help you choose a cosmetologist.

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