How to get rid of peeling scalp

How to get rid of peeling scalp

      You can cleanse the skin of dead cells with the help of special preparations containing selenium, sulfur, zinc, tar.

Having noticed the first signs of peeling, change the shampoo. If this does not help, buy in the pharmacy means to combat the fungus, which is the cause of dandruff. It arises because of bad ecology, poor quality shampoos and other hair styling products, suffered stress, lack of vitamins B6, B12 and F.

Hair comb only with a wooden comb. Do not wash your head with too hot water and do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair.

Enter in your diet a sufficient number of fruits, vegetables, fish and cereals. Also eat walnuts and cheese. Daily drink one glass of carrot juice. It is rich in vitamin A. To get the scalp getting the necessary moisturizing, drink more water, better mineral.

Make nourishing hair masks. For example, at home, you can prepare a scalp care product that consists of two fresh chicken eggs and 2 tbsp. l. water. Hair moisten with warm water and apply the finished egg mixture on the head. Massage the skin thoroughly for 10-15 minutes. Egg mask will be useful for brittle, dry hair.

At night, rub olive or linseed oil on the scalp, preheating it. In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo.

Take the peel of four lemons and cook. One hour will be enough to make the broth ready. Rinse their heads after each wash. This product will help to protect your hair from dandruff.

Another great way to get rid of dandruff is a decoction of nettle. Daily rinse with this product your hair, and after a few days you will forget about the existence of dandruff.

If the scalp, despite all your efforts, continues to flake, as before, ask your doctor for help. Otherwise, you are waiting for burning, severe itching, dry skin.

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