How to get rid of red spots after acne?

How to get rid of red spots after acne?

Mask from blue cosmetic clay and rosemary oil – effective”cream” from acne spots

To get rid of the traces of acne, prepare the following cosmetic. Take 3-4 tablespoons. blue clay, place it in a non-metallic container and add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. After that, add the mixture with a little cool water, then mix everything thoroughly (lumps should not be). The resulting mask from the spots after the acne, apply a thick layer evenly to the cleansed skin of the face. Leave this”cream” until it dries completely, and then rinse the mixture with warm water. This procedure is recommended to be performed once a day, and the result will be visible by the end of the first week. But the full course of”treating” red spots from acne lasts a month, and sometimes longer.

Note: this cosmetic blend strongly whitens the skin, so it should be applied evenly over the entire surface, otherwise the facial skin will acquire an ugly uneven color.

How to get rid of stains on the face with honey and cinnamon

The recipe for this wonderful remedy for spots after the pimples is: mix 1 tsp. natural honey with 1 tsp. cinnamon powder. Then put the resulting mixture on the skin with a cosmetic defect and leave for 17-20 minutes. This procedure is recommended to be done every other day. In addition, if you have an allergy to beekeeping products, replace honey with white or green clay. In this case, the clay is mixed in equal proportions with cinnamon powder and the mixture is diluted with water until the required consistency is obtained.

This mask is not recommended for those who suffer from couperose and other vascular skin diseases.

Mask from spots after pimples from tomatoes

Get rid of red pimples and traces of them will help a tomato mask. For it you will need one ripe tomato, and also 1 tbsp. potato starch. Smash the flesh of tomato and mix this slurry with starch. Then apply the mixture evenly on the face skin, and after 3-5 minutes rinse. This procedure is best done twice a day: the result will be visible after 3 days. But to achieve a lasting effect, the procedure should be repeated every day for a month.

Cucumber”cream” from spots from pimples

Pass through a meat grinder or chop one fresh cucumber in a blender, after cleaning it from the skin. In cucumber slurry add juice from ½ lemon and mix everything. The prepared mixture should be applied to the skin and left for 2-3 minutes, and after removing the gruel, wash and cover the skin with a moisturizer.

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