How to get rid of scars folk remedies

How to get rid of scars folk remedies

      Remove the scars on the skin in various ways. At present, cosmetic salons use procedures such as laser resurfacing, peeling, dermabrasion, cryotherapy (exposure to liquid nitrogen), and many others.

You can get rid of scars with the help of folk remedies. They fit almost all people and give a good result. Their main difference from salon methods is the regularity and duration of use.

The most common means among them is the body spasm. It is a river sponge, the extract of which is able to penetrate deeply into the skin and, irritating it, cause intense blood circulation. As a result, the skin regenerates and the metabolic processes accelerate in it. Bodyfish is ideal for removing shallow scars (for example, from teenage blackheads). In this case, it is applied 2-3 times a week, and the result will be visible after half a year. If the face has a pronounced fluff, then it is recommended to apply the drug pointwise, so as not to cause increased hair growth.

You can use masks from melon seeds to remove scars. For this purpose seeds of a ripe melon are selected, they are dried (not fried) and cleaned. 15-20 finely chopped seeds are mixed with crushed shell from 2 eggs and 5 ml of olive oil. A slightly oily mixture is applied to the place of the scar and wound with a bandage. The procedure is repeated daily for 20 days at intervals of several weeks until the desired result is obtained.

No less effective in comparison with many purchased drugs is the use of folk remedies with Vishnevsky ointment. Mix ½ tsp. honey with 1 tbsp. vodka and ointment on the tip of the knife. Then the resulting mass is spread over a juicy cabbage leaf. The sheet is applied to the affected area and fixed with a bandage. This procedure should be carried out for 30 minutes at least every other day. It is better to do it no less than a month before the onset of sunny days. This product is not compatible with ultraviolet rays.

Effective in the fight against deep scars is the nutmeg. It is mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 4 and applied to the area with a scar. The time of action of the agent on the skin is determined individually, based on its sensitivity. Usually it is 30 minutes, after which the mixture is washed off with warm water.

Such procedures are recommended to be performed every other day for 1-2 years. If after them on the skin redness remains and a crust appears, honey can be replaced with milk.

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