How to get rid of stars on your feet at home

How to get rid of stars on your feet at home

      There are quite effective and simple home methods of treatment. First of all, exercises aimed at increasing the tone of the walls of blood vessels, especially capillaries. They must be performed daily, until the onset of persistent improvement (that is, until the”stars” become almost invisible).

Lie down on the floor, on your back. Firmly pressing the waist to the floor, raise your hands and feet up. Try to make them movements that resemble a small vibration. Do not be embarrassed if it looks somewhat absurd from the side. Exercise is very effective! Perform it should be before the onset of noticeable fatigue, usually at least five and not more than ten minutes.

In consultation with the doctor, you can apply turpentine baths. After all, one of the most common causes of the emergence of”stars” is the poor state of capillaries, clogged with all kinds of toxins and slags, which leads to their expansion. Turpentine baths help purify the capillaries and narrow their lumen to normal values.

Resolutely refuse close shoes, from shoes on high heels. Even if they are very good for you, you can not wear them during the period of treatment. And after improving the condition of your feet, use such shoes should be as rare as possible. Avoid significant physical exertion, if possible, do not lift weights.

You can use all sorts of alcohol tinctures to wipe skin with asterisks. For example, a tincture on the flowers of a white acacia.

Remember that you do not have hot baths, baths, saunas. But contrast shower for the feet, and even combined with a massage – this is what you need.

According to the doctor, you can wear tight (compression) stockings or pantyhose.

Change the food intake. Try to eat as little flour, sweet, as well as fatty, smoked, pickled food. Simultaneously increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, greens, juices. Olive oil is very useful. Completely refuse from smoking, minimize consumption of alcohol.

If these simple methods are followed, the asterisks will soon begin to decrease in size.

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