How to get rid of the curvature of the legs

How to get rid of the curvature of the legs

      The first step is to find out the cause of the curvature of the legs, for this it is recommended to consult a specialist. If this is due to the result of an inborn change and deformation of the bone, in this case, one can not do without surgical intervention, during which the doctor will make a correction. In other cases, a therapeutic complex consisting of specially selected exercises for the lower leg is prescribed. This will help to overcome the cause of false curvature of the legs and improve the shape of the inner side of the shin.

Stand up straight, arms at waist, legs together. Begin to plant the feet to the sides, rearranging the socks and heels alternately. In the same way, connect the legs together. Do this exercise 10-15 times. Then bend one leg in the knee and grasp the hip with your hands, move your foot left and right, down and up, try to keep balance at the same time. Change your legs and repeat this exercise.

Spread a mat on the floor and sit on the floor, legs and back should be straightened. Hands put from behind and make an emphasis on them. Try to pull out the toe of the left foot as hard as possible, then pull it sharply toward yourself, and the muscles should be as tight as possible. Do the same with your right foot. Repeat this exercise ten times for each leg.

If your feet resemble the shape of the letter X, with this disadvantage, it is recommended to practice equestrianism, cycling, skiing, swimming breaststroke, running, jumping and doing the following exercise: sit on the floor in Turkish and climb slowly without the help of hands.

The curvature of the legs in the future can cause a lot of trouble, for example, cause arthrosis. This disease with age can lead to disability. The operation to correct the curvature of the legs is performed on the shin area, the rehabilitation period is approximately two to three weeks. In this period of time, you should avoid all kinds of physical exertion.

The technique involves installing the fixation device on the shin osteotomy, that is, bone dissection. In the operation, Ilizarov`s apparatus is used, which is small in size and allows for movement in the knee joint in sufficient volume. The skin is punctured, measuring 5-7 millimeters. In the period of correction and fixation, rehabilitation treatment (walking with a walker and developing joints) is necessary, and a full load on the limbs will accelerate the process of recovery.

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