How to get rid of the cuticle

How to get rid of the cuticle

      There are several basic rules for caring for cuticles, observing which you will forget about unwashed nails and burrs.

Try to avoid a home edged manicure. You can damage the nail or infect the infection. It is best to find time to visit the manicure salon once a month. Instead of self-circumcision cuticles, buy a stick from an orange tree. It is best suited for such a procedure.

Before you move the cuticle, soften it as it should. Before this, wash your hands thoroughly and hold your fingers for several minutes in a warm bath. Then apply a special softening agent on the nails for the cuticles. Many of these drugs also have a therapeutic, anti-inflammatory effect. Then with a stick carefully remove the skin and apply a nourishing cream.

Among the means for nail and cuticle care there are special oils with vitamin E, health oils, massage creams for cuticles, multivitamin creams, etc.

If you still decide to make an edging manicure at home, the main thing for you is the right choice of tools. Do not buy cheap manicure sets of questionable quality. The best choice is a set of medical steel with a professional sharpening. If you hesitate between scissors and tweezers, choose the latter. It is they who are stopped by the employees of the nail salons.

You need to remove the cuticle in the following way. Tweezers open and pull under the cuticle, lift the peel and gently cut it. Do all the moves smoothly, without pulling your hand. Tweezers should accurately describe the arc. Lateral burrs shear off the Christmas tree.

In no case can you cut the cuticle completely. Leave a thin edging of skin, which will protect the growth zone from infection. After treatment, apply the nourishing cream with massage movements.

If you constantly have burrs, then one simple folk method will help you. The usual sewing needle should draw a cross on each nail. After that, the burrs will stop bothering you.

There is an alternative view: to get rid of the cuticles, they need to stop cutting completely. In doing so, during the shower and bath, the cuticle skin should be pulled down. The first weeks of untidy nails look very annoying, but then the cuticle will practically disappear and will not grow any more. It is necessary to regularly apply emollients, do a nail massage.

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