How to get rid of the growths on the leg

How to get rid of the growths on the leg

      The adolescents are a more complex form of calluses. When neglected, they can become stiff, and then surgical intervention will be necessary.

This trouble most often arises from the lack of foot care. Also, the cause of their appearance may be excess weight, flat feet, some diseases of the spine, wearing a narrow, uncomfortable shoes.

If you have a sick person, visit a dermatologist to find out the cause and exclude the presence of serious diseases. The doctor will also give you the treatment you need. If there are no special contraindications, the doctor may suggest using traditional medicine.

Prepare the ointment. Take one tablespoon of acetic essence, the same amount of vegetable oil and one egg. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, fold in a container and put into the refrigerator for 8 hours. Before going to bed, rinse your feet in warm water, wipe them dry. Apply the ointment on the sore spot, cover with polyethylene and put on the sock. In the morning, rinse with warm water. Do not use pumice stone or scrape the skin. A week later the growths will disappear.

Remove keratinized skin will help such a tool. In 5 liters of water, put the bay leaf package and boil. In the broth, add 50 ml of turpentine, 100 ml of table vinegar, 500 grams of salt, mix everything thoroughly. In a slightly cooled composition, ground your legs for 30 minutes. The same solution is suitable for a week. Before use, it must be heated. The course of treatment is 30 days.

The compress from propolis works well. Warm up a small piece of propolis and attach to the affected area. Secure with a bandage and leave overnight. Before this, the legs need to be steamed in the herb infusion. For its preparation, take in equal proportions celandine grass, chamomile flowers, burdock and nettle leaves. Collect the herbs pour boiling water and insist for an hour. Strain and pour the broth into a basin of water.

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