How to get rid of thrush with pregnant women

How to get rid of thrush pregnant

      The main signs of vaginal candidiasis are curdled vaginal discharge and itching, which increases after urination and sexual intercourse. However, cases of asymptomatic flow of thrush are not uncommon. There are also opposite situations. Explicit signs of candidiasis can appear in the absence of disease or any other infection. That is why a smear on the flora needs to be handed over several times during pregnancy. You can start treatment only after laboratory confirmation of the disease.

Outside of pregnancy, for treatment of thrush, medications are usually given for ingestion. They have an effect on the whole organism and help to cope with the infection regardless of the place of its localization. However, this treatment tactic can not be used in pregnant women, since systemic antifungal agents negatively affect the fetus. Only with ineffectiveness of local therapy, a doctor can choose a medicine for internal use, but this at least resorts only to late pregnancy, when the fetus is finally formed and the risk of developmental defects is minimal.

Preparations in the form of suppositories are most safe in pregnancy. They act locally and do not adversely affect the fetus. In the first trimester, only”Pimafucin” is allowed, in the future you can use”Gino-pevaril”,”Livarol” and other drugs. In the last trimester of pregnancy, doctors often recommend that you sanitize the birth canal. For these purposes,”Terzhinan” is most often prescribed, effective not only for treatment of thrush, but also affecting the bacterial flora.

In addition to local drugs, the recommended intake of vitamins for pregnant women. They contribute to an increase in immunity, so that the risk of recurrence is minimized. Equally important and healthy food.

To combat thrush during pregnancy, you can use folk remedies, for example, washing with a soda solution (a teaspoon of soda for a glass of warm boiled water). But, as practice shows, the probability of recurrence after such treatment is quite high.

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