How to get rid of wrinkles above the lips

How to get rid of wrinkles over the lips

      Wrinkles appear due to the fact that with age, there is a deficiency in the skin of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Therefore, to care for the skin around the lips should be used cosmetics that contain these substances. Such care will not only help to preserve the youthfulness of the skin around the lips longer, but the lips themselves will not lose volume for a longer time.

Reduces wrinkles massage. Make it a special brush designed to cleanse the face, and every time you wash, massage the skin over your lips, applying your usual gel or milk for washing. The brush should be soft, as the delicate skin around the lips can easily be damaged. Such a massage will ensure the flow of blood, make the skin supple.

To train the muscles of the skin around the lips, you can inflate ordinary children`s balloons. Such a simple action improves blood circulation, and also makes the lips more vivid. And trained muscles support the skin, and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Well trains muscles and ordinary whistles. Swish every day for 10 minutes, and the skin over your lips will stay young for longer.

Alternately, say the sounds”a”,”and”,”o”,”y”. Be sure to stretch and stretch your lips depending on the sound you are making. Repeat daily the entire sound series 10 times.

In advanced cases, with the formation of deep, pronounced wrinkles, only professional cosmetology can help you. Usually, such procedures as chemical peeling or dermabrasion are prescribed. But it is worth noting that substances that are used to eliminate wrinkles by these methods can cause an allergic reaction, and therefore these procedures have a number of contraindications. The procedure of dermabrasion is contraindicated for those people whose vessels are located too close to the surface of the skin, as well as the presence of infectious skin diseases. In addition, both procedures are traumatic, and recovery after them takes a rather long period of time.

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