How to get rid of yellowness after lightening hair?

How to get rid of yellowness after lightening hair?

      When the hair is lightened in the salon, the yellow color is absent in most cases. Professional dyes, carefully selected by the master, give the result that you initially expect. If you plan to lighten previously colored hair, you will be warned that the result may be unpredictable. To give a guarantee that yellowness will be absent, no master will risk.

If you decide to lighten hair yourself, choose clarifying compounds of cold shades. Leading manufacturers of dyes for hair guarantee an excellent result and a complete lack of yellowness.

Do not lighten previously colored hair. Cultivate your natural curls and only then proceed to staining. It is also not recommended to lighten hair after a chemical wave, long-term stowage, lamination, glazing, screening.

By following these simple rules, you can prevent the appearance of yellowness. If after the first lightening hair still acquired a yellowish tint, use the means for toning. In most cases, the yellowness is gradually washed away. Use special hair cleansers designed for blondes.

At repeated clarification it is possible to achieve an ideally white shade of hair with complete absence of yellowing effect. The second clarification can be done only after 4-6 weeks, when the hair will be restored.

As folk methods of eliminating yellowness after clarification, use the honey mask. Abundantly apply honey over the entire length of the hair, cover the head with cellophane, hold for 3 hours. Rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water, rinse thoroughly with shampoo for blondes. Apply the balm, after 5 minutes, rinse, pat the hair with a towel and sprinkle with a light spray designed to care and restore the curls weakened by staining.

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