How to give the nails the right shape

How to give the correct form to nails

      Even the most refined drawing on nails will look awful if they are irregular in shape or poorly crafted. Therefore, before you take on the varnish or paint, you should give the nails the desired configuration.

So that they do not break, it will be best, if possible, to make them semi-square or oval, but not triangular. However, much depends on what form of nails was originally. So, oval or round flat nails can be given any shape. For example, even more round out or make them triangular or square. But the oval and round bulging – only square.

Adjusting the nails, you can hide some of the shortcomings and shapes of the hands. Chubby handles will look much more elegant if the marigolds are rounded and relatively short, but by no means square. Girls with thin and long fingers should not visually increase them, increasing their nails or making them pointed. Best of all, if they are oval.

For trimming nails, you can use a manicure scissors or a universal saw with different types of surfaces. But scissors should be used carefully, cutting off nails in small pieces to prevent their separation. It is much more convenient to trim the nails with a saw (better – ceramic, glass or emery, so as not to damage their structure) and only in one direction. The saw should be kept at a small angle and lead it with one long stroke – from each edge to the middle. In order not to weaken the nail, and to avoid the appearance of fractures or cracks, it is not necessary to file it on the sides. After it is processed, it is necessary to polish its edges.

In order to give the nails the right shape, do not be too furious to work with a file. Any unevenness can be eliminated with its help for a few strokes, having a corresponding surface from 5 to 10 times in the same place.

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