How to glue the eyelashes

How to glue the eyelashes

      In order to independently build eyelashes in beams, it is necessary to prepare:

– artificial bundles of eyelashes;
– a mirror
– tweezers;
– scissors;
– waterproof glue for eyelashes;
– eyeliner.

The glue for eyelash extensions can be transparent and black. When using black glue, the effect of the behaved eyes is created.

If you want your new eyelashes to look natural, cut the artificial eyelashes so that they do not exceed your natural lengths.

Take off your makeup. Outline the thin line of eyelash growth. So you can evenly place the bunches of artificial eyelashes, and the liner will disguise the areas where the eyelashes will not stick.

On the back of the palm, drip some glue to build up the eyelashes. Take the tweezers and grab them one bundle of eyelashes. The base of the beam should be gently dipped in the glue, wait 20-30 seconds, so that the glue is slightly thickened and easier to grasp.

Glue the first bundle of eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye. The next bundle of eyelashes glue evenly toward the inner corner of the eye, trying to”plant” them as close as possible to the line of growth of their eyelashes. Extend eyelashes until you achieve their desired density.

After lash extensions for a couple of minutes, close your eyes and blink a little – minutes 2-3. Wait until the glue is completely dry.

Now you can give the new eyelashes more natural. Apply all the mascara to the ink. The brush for the carcass will additionally comb the eyelashes, and your eyes will become deeper.

In time, you will notice that the eyelashes begin to fall off, but this should not be feared. The process is similar to the loss of natural eyelashes and does not happen immediately, but gradually, so that you will long rejoice in your reflection in the mirror. If desired, you can make correction of the extensions of eyelashes – to the places where the eyelashes become small, you need to glue new bundles.

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