How to grow teeth

How to grow teeth

      Now dentists can fix almost any defects. This applies to damage of any degree of complexity: from the restoration of chips a few millimeters, until the whole tooth is fully restored.

The reasons for caring for the aesthetic component of the teeth in modern society are very different. This can be an elementary care for your beauty, forced treatment to the dentist after an injury, or, for example, compliance with the dress code of a prestigious organization. Dilation will help solve both medical and aesthetic problems.

Ways to build teeth!

The first option of building – composites, using photopolymers. This is recommended in case the damage is not very significant. Composites can take any form, which makes it possible to make any desired shape, they are strong and harden only under the influence of a light beam. You will see the result after the first visit to the dentist.

The second option is the extension of the tooth to the pin (rod). This method is shown in the case if there is practically nothing left of the tooth, but there is a root. First, an X-ray is taken, then a suitable shape of the crown is modeled. Then a metal pin (rod) is implanted in the root canal. A special filling is applied around the pin, with the help of which the crown of the tooth is restored. This technology gives the accrued tooth a”double fastening” – the native root remains, and a pin is added to it.

To the pluses of building teeth can include the following.

They are durable. Modern dental materials allow not to be afraid of the fact that when”using” with augmented tooth something will happen. The restored teeth are strong and durable and, if there is no accidental injury, they will serve the owner as well as their relatives.

Do not injure tissues. Other manipulations with teeth require serious intervention, for example, grinding, and when building, on the contrary, all possible sites are used.

The maximum possible surface recovery. For the extension, the main thing is that the root of the tooth and the bone surrounding it remain intact – if this condition is met, the rest of the tooth surface can be restored.

Natural appearance. During the building up, the dentist can choose the materials so that the accreted tooth fully corresponds to the relatives in terms of color and transparency, without any difference from the rest of the teeth.

The build-up has its drawbacks.

The main disadvantage is the high cost of the procedure. Building is more expensive than, for example, put a crown, but cheaper than implantation or the installation of a pin.

The second disadvantage is that in each specific case there are nuances of the duration of the”life” of the accrued tooth. How much will last and how the accustomed tooth will behave, it is impossible to predict absolutely precisely, it will depend on the individuality of the patient, the state of his health, diet and lifestyle.

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