How to hide a hump in the nose

How to hide the hump in the nose

      Any person can be attractive if it is unique and moderately original. But if the hump at the nose is a serious problem for you, then you can completely get rid of it or noticeably correct this defect in several ways.

To change your facial features by”winning” the bored nose on the nose with rhinoplasty, you should first consult about this plastic surgery with an otolaryngologist and a surgeon. Of course, rhinoplasty is the most radical method of struggle. Moreover, such an operation is done only in medical centers by graduates who work in the field of surgery and cosmetology. That`s why it costs a lot.

In addition, since it is administered under local or general anesthesia, you will have to undergo a complete examination and find out if you have, for example, liver or heart problems. And in order to overcome the consequences of surgical intervention, it will also take some time. So, swelling and bruising will disappear in about two weeks.

If it turns out that the operation is contraindicated or undesirable, then in this case you can try to remove the hump with special exercises, namely the gymnastics complex from Carol Maggio. Immediately remember that such exercises can help get rid of it only if it is a cartilage, not a bone.

If both methods are not suitable, then distract, and successfully, attention from the hump to the nose can be done with the help of ordinary decorative cosmetics. To do this, it will be enough to learn how to properly apply the face powder to different tones as follows:
– put a darker tone on the back of the nose and light on the wings of the nose
– Well shake the powder to make the makeup natural.

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