How to improve the shape of the breast

How to improve the shape of the breast

Breast form and operation

The shape of the female breast can change for the worse under the influence of many factors. The main reason is age. After thirty years, the skin loses its elasticity, the muscles of the chest become flabby, and the breast gradually loses its elasticity, sagging and turning into such bags, unattractive and very distressing to us. Often negatively affects the shape of our breasts and pregnancy, in which the breast initially increases significantly, and after the breastfeeding of the baby stops, falls off, leaving unpleasant stretch marks on the skin.

However, the shape of her breasts are often unhappy and very young girls who want to at least slightly increase it and make it more seductive. Perhaps, the reason for discontent among such girls does not exist, but the eternal feminine desire for perfection still does not give them peace. So they are tormented, trying, along with experienced women, to find a way to at least slightly change the look of their breasts. And someone even intends to do the operation, in order to look more sexy and attractive.

No need to rush. Breast form improvement with surgical intervention is a radical and extremely unsafe measure. Such operations often cause complications, which not only completely ruin the chest, but also may well lead to its complete removal. Therefore, before taking such a cardinal decision, one should think very carefully, having weighed all the pros and cons. Of course, the operation involves a complete change in the shape of the breast, but it is this side of the poll that scares the most. After all, our breasts are very vulnerable, and gross interference from outside can cause necrosis of the tissues and pathology of the breast gland. As a result, instead of a seductive lush bust, we get a lot of diseases and a lot of related concerns. So is it worth it to take chances in pursuit of beauty? After all, there are other, more sparing and accessible ways to improve the shape of the breast.

Improving the shape of the chest with exercise

Our online magazine JustLady offers an unhappy form of her breasts to the readers to conduct a set of exercises that strengthens the muscles of the chest and back. Immediately make a reservation – these exercises do not imply a significant increase in the breast. However, they make it higher and more elastic and align the posture, which significantly influences the visual perception of our busts. Exercises should be done at least once every two days. We offer several options for such classes, which can be performed separately or in combination with each other.

Quite quickly you can achieve the desired result with exercises with dumbbells. For their conduct, we stand upright, our legs are placed at the width of the shoulders. We raise hands with dumbbells, then bend them in the elbows, bring the brush to the center of the chest. Lean forward at an angle of forty-five degrees. We lower the arms to the floor with dumbbells, then pull them to the shoulders. We lay down on the floor. We bend the legs in the knees, we press the feet to the floor. We raise hands with dumbbells perpendicular to the floor, lower to the chest.

The next set of exercises is designed to strengthen the muscles of the chest and back. At first we rise to the floor, leaning on the elbows placed at the level of the chest, and on the knees bent at the knees. The back is straight. We strain the muscles of the abdomen and back, and, keeping the back straight, we tilt the upper part of the trunk to the floor, touching it with the breast. We return to the starting position. We make three sets of ten repetitions. After each of the visits we lay down on the floor, face down, raise the straight arm and the opposite leg by ten to twenty centimeters and hold ten seconds. Exercise repeat twice for both hands and feet.

Improving the shape of the breast helps another, very simple exercise. To perform it, we stand in the doorway, we rest against the door frames with the palms on the shoulder level and alternately push off one way or the other.

You do not have to do all these exercises at once. It is enough to choose the most suitable of them and methodically carry out at least a day, repeating at least twenty-five times. The optimal option is to perform a set of exercises twice a day with an interval between lessons of at least three hours.

Improved breast shape. Food, cosmetic and medical products

The shape of the female breast can vary with the help of a certain diet. For example, a protein-rich diet is a good stimulator of muscle tissue growth and contributes to the puffiness and elasticity of the bust. Such a diet should be combined with appropriate exercises, conducting classes not earlier than an hour after eating. As for women who are trying to reduce their breasts, they should prefer carbohydrate-rich foods, reducing the consumption of fatty and protein foods.

Improve the shape of the breast and can be using cosmetic products. Now on sale there are various creams and ointments intended for stimulation of breast growth, restoration of its elasticity and strengthening of pectoral muscles. However, such remedies give a short-term effect, and the result of their application is not long. More effective in this case will be moisturizing nourishing creams and masks or baths with sea salt, which are taken within fifteen minutes. Good help to restore the shape of the chest mud packs. They can be made from medicinal mud, presented today in shops and pharmacies in a large assortment.

Our great-great-grandmothers successfully maintained a good shape of the breast, rubbing it with salt or ice and making contrasting compresses. However, modern women, who are extremely prone to various gynecological diseases, should use such methods with great care. With caution, you need to approach and to take so much advertised now drugs that help improve the shape of the breast. We must admit that they act quite efficiently. But the bulk of such drugs
contains estrogen hormone, the excessive amount of which in the body increases the risk of breast cancer.

Whatever way we improve our own appearance, we should remember – the key to success lies in perseverance and patience. Our breasts can not change dramatically in a few days. This requires a certain period of systematic training and systematic sequence of specific actions. And then the desired goal will be achieved.

Olga Kocheva
Women`s magazine JustLady

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