How to increase eyebrows

How to grow eyebrows

      The procedure for eyebrow extension does not require special equipment, so the necessary master can be summoned to the house, and this will save time. Hairs for building up are made of soft latex, which completely mimics natural eyebrows. A skilled master is able to provide a kind of complete naturalness to each accreted hair.

Before the procedure, the skin along the line of the eyebrows is cleaned, and then each individual hair is grown on a growing hair or puff with glue. Note that there is a fluff on the skin that can not be seen with the naked eye, it is to these hairs that synthetic fibers are glued, which are completely identical to natural fibers.

In addition, eyebrows made of artificial or natural hair are on sale, they are sold complete with special glue. Such eyebrows come in a variety of colors and shapes, from the usual black and ending with intricate shades of light brown or brown. Eyebrows made of natural hair are harder to find, they are less common on sale and are much more expensive.

You can use them several times. Before they are glued, you need to remove the native eyebrows with a pair of tweezers or a razor, and then degrease the place for gluing using a material that does not leave behind the fibers. Pull the brows out with tweezers from the container, holding it in the middle, attach to the face. In order to see whether they are located correctly, step back to the meter from the mirror. Mark the pencil where they should be. Apply the glue supplied with the artificial eyebrows, let it dry a little, it will be half a minute. Then, gently pressing your eyebrows, paste them in the intended place, starting from the bridge of the nose and ending with the outer corner. If the glue will show through, remove it with a tissue. To remove accreted eyebrows, use cotton napkins, soaked in plain water. Try not to rub your hands and scratch your nails with raised eyebrows, as they can loosen and get unstuck.

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