How to increase immunity with herpes

How to improve immunity with herpes

      When the very first signs of herpes manifestation, it is necessary to urgently carry out a number of measures aimed at increasing immunity. First of all, it is strengthened by proper nutrition, so cancel all strict diets for a while. The daily menu should contain food containing vitamins from various groups and trace elements. In addition, the food should be full, i.e. include a sufficient amount of protein foods (lean meats and fish, legumes), fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, greens, seafood, sour-milk products with the addition of living bacteria (biochephors, etc.). Very useful are any varieties of onions and garlic. Of the beverages, green tea, fruit drinks and freshly squeezed juices should be preferred.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of infusions of medicinal plants that enhance immunity. Among them, the most popular are ginseng, echinacea purple, magnolia vine, licorice. The general strengthening effect is infusion of dogrose with honey, a vitamin broth from apples (apple, sliced, pour a glass of water, boil in a water bath for 10 minutes) with honey, infusion of orange and lemon peels, tea brew (1: 1/2: 1 ratio ), a decoction from the horsetail of the field (a tablespoon to a glass of boiling water). Since ancient times such a recipe for the medicinal mixture is known: raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, honey (in equal parts) and lemon juice.

Helps improve immunity with herpes and warming up the body, which can be achieved in several ways. One of them is a bath that promotes deep warming. Useful and contrast shower, and the duration of dousing with cold water should be less than hot.

Will benefit from physical education, walking, outdoor activities. However, too much burden for the body to ask is not necessary. Since all the disturbances and disorders weaken the immunity – if possible, you should experience and be nervous as little as possible. After a day`s work, you need to give yourself a break, trying to relax a little.

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